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Pans & Plancha

Indoor cooking, outside. With this collection of robust cookware, you'll be able to braise, fry and sear on your barbecue, bringing a depth of flavour to your food that would be unachievable on a kitchen hob.

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    Paella Pan 34cm | For Large Big Green Egg
    Paella Pan | Big Green Egg

    Paella Pan


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    Cooking a la Plancha

    What is Plancha cooking?

    Used a lot in Spanish cooking, planchas are essentially hot plates. They allow you to sear at high-temperature with minimal amounts of smoke. Unlike a griddle, the highest heat is concentrated at the centre of the flat surface, so you can move ingredients around to adjust intensity.

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    Place and remove the ConvEGGtor with ease. Also works with the Two Piece Multi-Level Rack to the ConvEGGtor Basket for multi-level cooking.
    ConvEGGtor Basket

    ConvEGGtor Basket


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