Dual-Sided Cast Iron Plancha Griddle

£ 82

Dual-Sided Cast Iron Plancha Griddle

Our Plancha Griddle gives you maximum surface contact while you're searing. Thanks to our heavy-duty cast iron, you'll get a crispy, delicious crust no matter what you're cooking.

Code: AC6808

Versatile Searing

Make the most out of plancha cooking — with a flat side and a griddled side. The best ever full English on one cooking surface.

Superior Cast Iron

For superb heat retention and distribution, our cast iron ticks all the boxes. Sear a la plancha for delicious, even crusts and caramelised bark.

Easy to Plate Up

Our Cast Iron Plancha Griddle is handled, so it's easy to move from your EGG and into the centre of the table for serving.

The benefits of cast iron are gamechanging

Better heat retention means incredible crusts, chars and barks, whether you're cooking meat, fish or veg. And because cast iron is seasoned, flavourful oils and fats work their way into the surface, enhancing your cooks with deep complexity. Look after your cast iron, and it'll last you a lifetime.


Plancha cooking is just like searing. The only difference is that more of your food will be in contact with the cooking surface. That's ideal for cooking foods that benefit from an even crust. A full English breakfast is perfect on this plancha griddle, as you'll crisp up the bottoms of your fried eggs, and give your sausages and bacon a beautiful, even char.

As a cooking surface, cast iron has the amazing ability to retain seasoning. That means, after a few cooks, your food will begin to taste better than if you'd cooked on a non-cast iron surface. But with great power comes great responsibility! You'll have to re-season your cast iron with oil and a paper towel after each cook. Just rub it down once it's cool enough, and you're all set.

Firstly, never dishwash or submerge your cast iron in water. To clean on the EGG, simply bring your EGG up to a high temperature and use one of our Scrubbers to remove any debris. Then wipe down with oil to re-season.