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Enhance your cook with our range of premium charcoals, woodchips and chunks. This is more than just fuel, this is flavour.

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Express Oak & Hickory charcoal pack | Charcoal | Fuel | Big Green Egg
Fire starters

Express Charcoal Kit


£ 54

For L, XL, MM

    For low, slow smoking, consider adding a handful of our Apple Wood Chunks — for a rich, decadent flavour and aroma.

    Premium Woodchunks


    £ 16

    For L, XL, MM

      For a tasty hit of woodsmoke, add a handful of our Apple Chips to your charcoal when cooking. Best used for searing and shorter cooks.

      Premium Woodchips


      £ 8

      • Easy lighting
      Looft Air Lighter 2 | Big Green Egg
      Looft Lighter | Big Green Egg

      Looft Air Lighters


      £ 40

      Our charcoal, woodchips and firelighters work together to create an easy and delicious outdoor cooking experience.