The possibility of pan cooking probably isn’t the first thing that draws people to an EGG. It’s the grilling, the smoking, the pizza and bread making – all the things that make it stand apart from a regular oven. But the EGG’s ability to elevate fried breakfasts or enhance slow-cooked stews should not be underestimated.

As long as it’s not made from wood or plastic, you can use just about any pan on the EGG. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A pan isn’t a passive vessel, it’s an active component that contributes to the character of the food that emerges from it.

Cast Iron Skillet 35.56cm

How to set up for a indirect pan cook

In the kitchen, a good metal pan can be used either on the hob or in the oven. The same versatility can be achieved on the EGG.

Chances are, if you've cooked Low & Slow, baked or roasted in your EGG, you've pan cooked. With a ConvEGGtor in place, it's the perfect environment for these indirect cooking modes. You just add your pan – be it a Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Baking Tray or other – and walk away.

chilli on convEGGtor

How to set up for a direct pan cook

Dishes that require direct heat and more hands-on time take a little longer to master – as an open EGG dome can lead to ferocious flames – but the results make the journey worthwhile. We’re talking everything from a pan-fried fish fillet to a good old-fashioned fry-up. The trick is to keep your food moving, so that it cooks evenly, and have your bowl at the ready. For a bit of inspiration, our Salt & Pepper Squid or English Breakfast recipes might be just the introduction you need.

Cast Iron Skillet 26.67cm