Wok for EGGspander System

£ 75

Wok for EGGspander System

The new Carbon Steel Wok sits straight in your EGGspander basket, for an easy, authentic Asian cooking experience.

Code: AC6234

This flat-bottomed wok is designed to sit perfectly in your EGGspander basket.

That’s not just convenient; the direct contact between heat source and cooking surface means you’ll get amazing heat distribution from the get-go. The wok helps with this even more with sloped sides to keep your food where the heat is. By the way, if you’re tempted to use soap to clean up your wok, stop right there! Like your cast iron surfaces, the wok becomes seasoned after use for extra flavour. Just soak it in warm water for a bit, and wipe clean.

Wok for the EGGspander System


The EGGspander is a genuine game changer. As well as massively increasing your cooking area, the different heights and surfaces offer enormous amounts of flexibility. You can be grilling your meat on one side, whilst roasting your potatoes on the other and leaving your gravy to bubble away above. If you're new to the EGG, it’s THE indispensable accessory to go for. If you're not, you're going to wonder how you survived without it.

EGGspander System


Once the wok is seasoned, don’t use soap to clean it. Instead, soak the wok in hot water for 5 minutes to loosen stuck-on food. Then wash the interior with hot water and a soft sponge, and the exterior with hot water and a scrubber sponge. Dry completely and apply vegetable oil before storing.