A tried and true paella pan for making deep and satisfying paella and risotto dishes on your Big Green Egg. Fits the Large Big Green Egg.

£ 36

Paella Pan

Paella cooked on the EGG is a real treat - the result is likely to be the most delicious and authentic that you’ve ever tasted outside of Spain. This paella pan distributes heat evenly, practically guaranteeing you that elusive ‘soccarat'.

Code: AC6205

Perfectly Complemented by Woodsmoke

Enrich your paella by tossing a few woodchips onto the charcoal before you cook. This will add an additional layer of flavour.

Handled for Manoeuvrability

Our Paella Pans come with two easy-to-grip handles, making it simple and safe to move from EGG to table.

Dishwasher Safe

Unlike some paella dishes, ours is fine to go in the dishwasher when you're done.

Create deeply flavourful and textural paella on the Big Green Egg