Cast Iron Sauce Pot with Basting Brush

£ 36

Cast Iron Saucepot with Basting Brush

Perfect for basting and glazing, this heavy duty little pot will last a lifetime and enhance almost every cook that you do. The nifty silicone brush sits neatly in the handle for ease and convenience.

Code: AC6220

The ideal sidekick for enriching roasts and slow cooks with glossy glazes, sauces and marinades.

Bonus points: the brush is dishwasher safe and stows neatly in the handle.


All of your cast iron products — including the rEGGulator from time to time — require a light brushing of oil. Don’t wash your Cast Iron with soap or scrub it with steel wool, as you'll remove the seasoning that's baked in; the same seasoning that helps to prevent food from sticking, and gives your cooks amazing flavour.

Instead, brush down after use with a non-abrasive cloth, and then season with oil.

Our top tip: for the best results, dab the grid with rapeseed oil. It has a higher burning temperature and won’t leave a bitter taste once burnt.

As a cooking surface, cast iron has the amazing ability to retain seasoning. That means, after a few cooks, your food will begin to taste better than if you'd cooked on a non-cast iron surface. But with great power comes great responsibility! You'll have to re-season your cast iron with oil and a paper towel after each cook. Just rub it down once it's cool enough, and you're all set.