ConvEGGtor Basket for Extra Large
ConvEGGtor Basket

£ 135

ConvEGGtor Basket for Extra Large

£ 135

ConvEGGtor Basket

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This basket makes it easy to place and remove the ConvEGGtor. It's the starter component for our EGGspander System so, if you like, you can also add the Two Piece Multi-Level Rack to it for multi-level cooking.

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The EGGspander is a genuine game changer. As well as massively increasing your cooking area, the different heights and surfaces offer enormous amounts of flexibility. You can be grilling your meat on one side, whilst roasting your potatoes on the other and leaving your gravy to bubble away above. If you're new to the EGG, it’s THE indispensable accessory to go for. If you're not, you're going to wonder how you survived without it.

EGGspander System


With traditional barbecue, the food is cooked directly by the heat of the flames. This is perfect for searing things like steak, burgers, and sausages. The ConvEGGtor turns all that on its head.

Using the same exceptional ceramics as the EGG itself, the ConvEGGtor blocks this direct heat and deflects it around the dome of the EGG. With the ConvEGGtor, food is cooked indirectly with this heat — which is just how a regular convection oven works. This opens up so many doors for what you can cook: pizza, roasts, slow cooks, and even cakes and pastries!

No. The ConvEGGtor Basket is part of the 5 Piece EGGspander so you don’t need to order this separately.

What is direct cooking?

When you cook at a high temperature in direct contact with the cooking surface, that's searing. This cooking mode falls under the "direct heat" category, as whether you're using a searing grid, skillet, or plancha griddle, you'll be utilising the heat without anything blocking or deflecting it around the dome of the EGG.

What is indirect cooking?

When you're cooking directly, the flames cook your food. That's good for smaller items that take less time to cook or for things that can easily be flipped over. However, if you've got a large cut of meat with lots of connective tissue to break down, a loaf of bread that requires consistent, even heat all around, or something you're looking to roast or smoke at a very low temperature, direct cooking won't cut it for you.

By placing a ConvEGGtor into your Firebox (or by using the EGGspander System), you block the direct heat and deflect it around the dome of your EGG. Thanks to the EGG's careful design and amazing ceramics, this heat bounces back to your food, cooking it indirectly.