For larger cuts of meat with lots of fat, you want to raise the internal temperature until that fat is broken down but not so quickly that the meat becomes tough. The aim is to have beautifully tender meat that falls off the bone. Think pulled pork, brisket, or shoulder of lamb. When slow cooking, you'll typically be working within the 110˚C-140˚C range.

Egg Genius

Light & Load

You know the drill: light and load your EGG. Once the ceramics have warmed up and the fire is established (around 10 minutes), close your dome.

Precision is key

Once the thermometer is reading 10˚C below your target temperature, add in your ConvEGGtor and Stainless Steel Grid. Close the dome and let the EGG self regulate its temperature.

Patience is a virtue

When you get to 10˚C below your target temperature again, adjust your vents in tandem until your target temperature is sustained. This can take a while to get right, but remember it's easier to increase your temperature than it is to decrease it.

Cook to temperature, not time

Because every cut is different (in size, weight, fat content, etc.) timing your cook is often going to bring inconsistent results. That's why we use a meat thermometer (like our Quick-Read Thermometer or the EGG Genius). Measuring the internal temperature is a surefire way to get it right.

Quick read thermometer