When should I grill?

Generally, your aim when grilling is to brown and caramelise the outside of your food. This happens most effectively in the 180˚C-250˚C range, cooking for 20 minutes or less directly over the charcoal. If you're cooking for longer than that or at a lower temperature, consider roasting instead.

Grilling set up

Types of Grilling

Grilling tends to be the first thing people think of when they think of barbecueing. It's a great way to cook and can take many forms. We usually grill on a Cast Iron Grid or a la plancha — literally "on a metal plate" — depending on whether we want charlines or an even crust. Even "Dirty" cooking is Grilling in essence: where you lay your food directly on the charcoal.

Grilling vegetables

To set up for grilling

Setting up to grill on your EGG is extremely easy. Get your charcoals going, and then simply add your Cast Iron Searing Grid on top of the Fire Ring.

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