When to smoke

If you want to preserve or add a different, complex flavour profile to ingredients such as cheese, meat or fish. Before you light your EGG, simply soak your chosen woodchips or woodchunks in water for 15 minutes.

Premium Smoking Woodchips

Hot or cold?

Your first decision is whether to hot or cold smoke in your EGG. Hot smoking gently cooks your food while infusing it with smoky flavour. Cold smoking, meanwhile, adds flavour but without affecting the texture of your ingredients — perfect for cheese or cured fish. Whichever you're looking to try, we've got you covered.

To set up for hot smoking

Load & light your EGG, and wait until the ceramics have warmed up. Add in surfaces as required, and bring your EGG to the same temperature that you would if you were cooking the dish normally. When you're ready to cook, scatter a handful of pre-soaked woodchips or chunks to the charcoals. Add your food to the EGG and close the lid.

Chips or chunks?

This is all about timing and intensity. For a lighter, quicker smoke — salmon or vegetables for example — you should use chips but if it’s a great hunk of meat that you know is going to take hours and hours, the slow burn of soaked chunks is best.

To really elevate your barbecue game, start thinking about 'smoke' as an ingredient in some of your favourite recipes

There’s not much you can’t smoke! Whether you want to infuse dairy products or salmon with amazing character and complexity, or slow smoke a Jacob's Ladder for true barbecue decadence, the sky's the limit. Don’t forget to always cook to temperature, not time.

JAcob's ladder

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