Premium 100% Natural Lump Charcoal
Premium 100% Natural Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal

£ 27

Premium 100% Natural Lump Charcoal

£ 27

Premium 100% Natural Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal

50 reviews

Our Natural Lump Charcoal is made from 100% hardwood, sourced from sustainable plantations. Produced from top-quality cuts of American oak and hickory, it is ready to cook in 10-15 minutes, offering incomparable flavour and up to 24 hours of cooking in just one bag.

Our charcoal, which burns long, even and hot, is made with no accelerants or chemicals that will harm you, your food or your Big Green Egg!

Comes in an 8kg bag and is DEFRA approved.

Code: AC901

Ready to cook in 10 minutes.

Because our lumpwood charcoal is made from 100% Oak and hickory, one batch can last up to 24 hours. That's fuel economy. It takes just 10 minutes to light with one of our firelighters.

Nothing Toxic.

Unlike some charcoal, ours is totally free from toxins, accelerants and harmful chemicals. We don't want that stuff tainting our food!

100% Flavour.

Oak and hickory combine to give our charcoal the deepest and most characterful flavour.

50 reviews

  • My son has a green egg and always requests this brand as he says it’s the best he’s used. Just a shame the postage is around £10!

    Mary Beale
  • Clean cooking

    v c banbury
  • Good size lumps that burn long and is reusable after shutting down

    Kevin Sellar

Lighting made simpler

This is the easiest charcoal you will ever have to light, full stop. Simply fill your EGG up to two inches below your cooking surface, and place a lit firelighter in the centre. Come back in ten minutes, and close the lid.

It's easy to light the EGG; just place a firestarter in the centre of your charcoals and wait!

Deep, distinctive flavour

Our Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal adds something special to even the most unlikley dishes. Cakes and breads adopt a delicious smoky depth; meat and seafood take on a complex, aromatic flavour profile. When our charcoal is in play, anything and everything tastes better.

The Perfect Steak


Our lumpwood charcoal is made from pure, sustainably sourced hardwood, with no nasty chemical accelerants. This means it lights quickly and burns cleanly – good for cooking and good for your health. It is also remarkably economical, with the coals often reusable across multiple cooks. And charcoal isn’t just a fuel, it’s an ingredient in its own right. Each of our three different options lends its own unique flavour profile to your food.

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Keep it somewhere dry, ideally in a garage or shed, stored in an airtight bin or our Shop now. When you first open a bag, the lumps are extremely dry and will light very quickly. If allowed to absorb a lot of moisture, they’ll be slower to light. To prevent this, fold over the opened top of the bag several times. If you’ve got a few remnants left in an older bag, light your EGG with a fresh new bag then add the older coals once the fire is going.

That depends. If you’re cooking at a high temperature, it will burn more quickly than if you’re cooking at a low one. An XL will get through charcoal faster than a MiniMax. On average, though, you should get around 24 hours of cooking from a single bag of charcoal.

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