Charcoal & Firestarters

Charcoal & Firestarters

Our range of Charcoal & Firestarters do more than just keep your fires burning. They also bring a subtle depth of flavour to your cooks.

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Express Oak & Hickory charcoal pack | Charcoal | Fuel | Big Green Egg
Fire starters

Express Charcoal Kit


£ 54

Made from 100% hardwood | Fuel | Big Green Egg

Premium fuel Why Big Green Egg Charcoal

Everything you need to know

It’s not just a fuel, it’s an ingredient, with each of the woods we use imparting its own unique set of flavours.

  • Easy lighting
Looft Air Lighter 2 | Big Green Egg
Looft Lighter | Big Green Egg

Looft Air Lighters


£ 40

Charcoal the not-so secret ingredient

PREMIUM CHARCOAL The not-so secret ingredient

Burning point

Our Organic Lump Charcoal range is produced from top-quality cuts of hardwoods for premium performance and incomparable flavour.

Get cooking as soon as tomorrow with the Big Green Egg Express Charcoal Kit

Better, faster, easier Foolproof ways to get your fire going

Thanks to the design of our EGGs, your fuel will burn for hours. Not only that, it will add flavour to your cooks.

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