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Never struggle with damp matches and windy weather again! For time-saving efficiency and guaranteed results, ignite with the fire setting then switch to fan to really get things going.

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For fast, safe, efficient lighting, look no further. It's refillable too.

The EGGniter is always a good option. But we love it MOST when lighting multiple EGGs at a time. The fan setting means that you can speed up the lighting process — so if you have a few cooks on the go, you'll save yourself lots of time. Butane not included.

Learn how to use the EGGniter

3 reviews

  • Eggcellent piece of kit for my barbecue.

    Christine Henderson
  • It did exactly what it’s made to do. Added bonus, I can use it to light my log burning stove too. Fabulous.

    Richard Wilson
  • Lots of fun



The EGGniter tank is smaller than you think and will fill in less than 5 seconds.

Use butane with a plastic nozzle as this will 'mould' to the EGGniter. Do not use one with a metal nozzle. Brands such as Swan and Newport work well (other brands are available).

The EGGniter is gravity fed and should be filled with the nozzle pointing to the ground and the can of butane upside down.

Don’t use gloves. Your hand is a great thermometer. If the fire is too hot for your hand then its time to pull the unit away from the flames

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