Full Cast Iron Grid (MiniMax)
Cast Iron Searing Grid

£ 70

Full Cast Iron Grid (MiniMax)

£ 70

Cast Iron Searing Grid

Our Cast Iron Searing Grids hold heat to a restaurant standard, ensuring you get lovely char marks and rich flavours from your steaks, vegetables and fish. The Large Cast Iron Searing grid is also compatible with the Large EGGspander System.

Code: ACMM410

Exceptional Heat Retention

Thanks to the high quality of our trusted cast iron, this Cast Iron Searing Grid will give you restaurant-grade charlines, every time.

Crispy, Flavourful Fats

Perfectly render and caramelise fat thanks to our cast iron's superior heat distribution and high-contact searing capabilities.

Double-Sided Design

It couldn't be easier to add your searing grid to your cook. Simply pick a side (wide charlines or narrow ones) and fire her up.

The benefits of cast iron are gamechanging

Better heat retention means incredible crusts, chars and barks, whether you're cooking meat, fish or veg. And because cast iron is seasoned, flavourful oils and fats work their way into the surface, enhancing your cooks with deep complexity. Look after your cast iron, and it'll last you a lifetime.

Searing Steak on the cast iron searing grid


This Cast Iron Searing Grid is perfect for direct cooking over the flames. Foods like steak are more delicious than ever cooked over fire. As well as steak and traditional barbecue foods like burgers and sausages, fish never tasted so good — salmon and monkfish are great — and smaller vegetables are a surprising and delicious option. Don't be afraid to burn veg, as it only deepens the flavour.

Firstly, never dishwash or submerge your cast iron in water. To clean on the EGG, simply bring your EGG up to a high temperature and use one of our Scrubbers to remove any debris. Then wipe down with oil to re-season.

As a cooking surface, cast iron has the amazing ability to retain seasoning. That means, after a few cooks, your food will begin to taste better than if you'd cooked on a non-cast iron surface. But with great power comes great responsibility! You'll have to re-season your cast iron with oil and a paper towel after each cook. Just rub it down once it's cool enough, and you're all set.