By Big Green Egg

No bells, no whistles, just high-quality steak cooked to perfection.

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We’ll be cooking this steak the old-fashioned way: direct, on one of our Cast Iron Searing Grids. That way, you’ll end up with mouth-watering, restaurant-quality grill marks and a consistent cook. The EGG excels over any other barbecue at high temperatures, as you can control it so well. Just make sure to cook with the lid shut for impeccable results. Mastered this recipe? You can use this cooking method for pork chops, lamb cutlets or most other cuts of beef too.

Set up your EGG

Remove your steak from the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Pat dry with a kitchen towel.

Don’t remove any excess fat from the steak. Fat carries flavour into the meat while cooking. You can always remove it afterwards.

Set up for direct cooking with the Cast Iron Searing Grid in place.

Your target temperature is 250°C-300°C.

Get started

Season the steaks with a generous amount of salt on both sides. Don’t use the black pepper at this stage as it burns and turns bitter at high temperatures.

Place the steaks onto the Cast Iron Searing Grid using the tongs. Lay them down and leave them to develop clearly defined searing marks. Close the lid.

How quickly you turn your steak depends on the thickness of the steak and how well you like it cooked. A 3cm-thick steak cooked medium will need turning after about 3 minutes.

Burp the EGG and turn the steaks, preferably moving them to a different area of the grid. This ensures that you are placing the uncooked side of the steak onto a freshly hot area of the grid.

season your steak with salt turn the steak

Finish your steaks

After a further 2 minutes, open the EGG a final time and perform a touch test. Touch your hand where the base of your thumb joins to the fleshy part of your palm, in three positions, to compare to the touch of the steak. Your palm relaxed and open signifies the loose resistance of touching a rare steak. Gently close your palm and the base of your thumb joining your palm will be firmer. Tightly close your fist and this area will become tighter still, representing a well cooked steak.

Remove from the EGG and leave to rest, then season with cracked black pepper. We think the results are delicious as they are but you could always add a dab of garlic butter. Serve with your favourite sides.

Eight ways to cook. Endless possibilities.