Pink Butcher Paper

£ 18

Big Green Egg Pink Butcher Paper

Big Green Egg Pink Butcher Paper is perfect for wrapping meats during a cook to decrease cooking times or at the end to prevent moisture loss. The natural fibers allow meat to breathe and develop a smoky flavour but without causing the crust to go soggy.

Available in a 22.8 m x 46cm roll

Code: AC6435

Beat the Stall

If your pork shoulder or brisket just won't push past 65-75˚C no matter how long you cook it, you're stuck in the Stall. Don't worry, we've all been there. To get past it, patience is key. Wrapping your meat with this Butcher Paper can help to accelerate through the stall, and also prevent your bark from becoming chewy.

FDA Approved

Our Pink Butcher Paper is unbleached, with no wax or coating to affect the flavour of your food. It also uses 100% food grade inks.

Better for barbecues than Tin Foil

Tin foil reflects heat, which can affect your carefully timed internal temperatures. Butcher paper doesn’t reflect heat like this. It also allows steam to escape, whilst retaining the meat's juices, meaning that while your meat rests, you can can be confident that it'll come out perfect.

Strong and Moisture Resistant

Butcher paper is ideal for barbecues, because it doesn't fall apart when soaked with oil or food juices. It also makes for a rustic way to serve your creations.