Gill and the EGG

As part of Big Green Egg’s 50th birthday celebrations, we’re sharing 50 brand-new recipes from an amazing cast of cooks. Next up is chef, food writer and River Cottage mainstay Gill Meller. Gill, who lives near the Dorset coast, is passionate about outdoor cooking, which, he says, “gives us the opportunity to switch off and reconnect with a simpler way of life”. He also loves foraging for wild food: “The more we can focus in on the natural world the better, and if you get to take home a few delicious things to eat as a result of it, happy days.”

Gill’s much-used Big Green Egg is the perfect tool for his outdoor lifestyle. “It’s the heat management – the way you can drop it down to very low temperatures and cook for a long time, or you can fire it right up and cook over searing heat.” It can, he says, “turn something that could be considered a lowly ingredient into something super-delicious.”

Watch Gill's video to the end to win a MiniMax, £1000 to spend at Beach Retreats and a Cornish Sea Salt goody bag including 10 different salts.


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Gill cooked his recipes in a Large Big Green Egg. The Large is the perfect EGG for preparing a big family meal or hosting a small gathering – big enough for a generous dinner but compact enough to suit almost any outdoor setting. Here, it’s embedded in a Premium Royal Mahogany Table, a show-stopping base made from sustainably sourced mahogany, with plenty of surface space for prepping, resting and serving your creations.

Gill Meller | 50 Recipes | Big Green Egg


On our trip to Cornwall with Gill, we relied on a YETI cool box to keep his incredible ingredients perfectly fresh. These highly durable, thoughtfully designed boxes, now available from Big Green Egg, offer an unprecedented level of insulation and can withstand even the most extreme of outdoor conditions. Gill – a man with the very highest of standards – is one of the brand’s UK ambassadors and his YETI cool boxes regularly accompany him on his outdoor adventures.

Gill Meller | 50 Recipes | Big Green Egg | Yeti Cool boxes

Watch Gill's video and win an EGG and a glorious beachside holiday

Gill’s video was shot in southern Cornwall at an amazing beachside home, The Croft in Coverack, lent to us by our friends at the high-end holiday rental company Beach Retreats. By offering a competition prize of a £1,000 Beach Retreats voucher, we’re now giving you the chance to win a stay at that home or a similarly gorgeous coastal property. And that’s not all. The prize also includes a MiniMax EGG worth £795, and – for the perfect seasoning – a Cornish Sea Salt goody bag including 10 different salts.

Gill Meller | 50 Recipes | Beach Retreats | Cornish Sea Salt | Competition

Gill’s recommended products

The perfect charcoal pairing

Our Oak & Hickory charcoal, with its long burn and subtle smokiness, was ideal for our day out in Cornwall with Gill, cooking such a wide range of dishes.

Made from 100% hardwood | Fuel | Big Green Egg

About Gill Meller

Based in Dorset, Gill has for many years been part of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage team, playing a major role in the brand’s books, TV shows, dining events and cookery courses, which include live-fire cooking lessons on the Big Green Egg. He is also an award-winning food writer whose most recent book, Outside: Recipes for a Wilder Way of Eating, celebrates the joys of cooking and eating outdoors.

Gill Meller | 50 Recipes | Big Green Egg


Discover more recipes created by friends of the EGG.

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Join us for our 50th Celebrations

There’s no party quite like a Big Green Egg party. There’s something about cooking in the open air over fire and smoke that turns casual gatherings into special occasions and special occasions into truly memorable events. We’ve been providing those magical moments for people all around the world since the brand’s foundation exactly 50 years ago. Throughout 2024, we’re going to be celebrating the 50th birthday of Big Green Egg the only way we know how: bringing people together to share exceptional food and unforgettable experiences.

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