Roadie 24 Cool Box in Tan
Yeti Roadie Cool Box

£ 200

Roadie 24 Cool Box in Tan

£ 200

Yeti Roadie Cool Box

Built to thrive in even the most extreme of outdoor conditions, YETI coolers are made for the serious outdoor enthusiast – superbly designed, virtually indestructible, and capable of keeping drinks cold and ingredients fresh for days on end.

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King of the road

The highly portable Roadie range is made for the road. The compact 24 model is small enough to squeeze behind a car seat while being tall enough to accommodate wine bottles, 2-litre water bottles and other essentials. The extra large 60 comes with puncture-resistant wheels and a periscope handle for easy hauling. All models have non-slip feet that prevent them sliding around in transit.

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Effortless cool

Made from rotomolded polyethylene – the same plastic-moulding process used to create whitewater kayaks – these are as tough and durable as a cool box gets. Each cooler contains YETI’s trademark Permafrost insulation, made from pressure-injected polyurethane, as well as an interlocking lid system and a freezer-quality gasket that blocks out heat and locks in cold. As well as keeping cold things cold, this premium insulation is highly effective at keeping hot things hot – perfect if you’re taking your MiniMax EGG along on the trip.

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About YETI

YETI was founded in Texas in 2006 by Roy and Ryan Seiders, two brothers whose devotion to fishing and hunting was being let down by the poor quality of coolers available on the market, with their busted latches, bowed-in lids and melted ice. YETI’s creations, designed to withstand the wildly varied conditions of outdoor life in the USA, from searing deserts to icy tundra, changed the game completely for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Don’t let the size fool you, this picnic cooler is armoured to the core and virtually indestructible, so your food and drink stays fresh and safe wherever you take it.

Yes, the same insulation and thick walls that keep the cooler cold also keep the heat.

Yes. We recommend using soap and warm water. If it needs some heavy-duty cleaning, use a 6:1 solution of warm water and bleach, with a sponge or mildly abrasive rag.

Yes, Roadie coolers come with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit YETI's warranty information page.

Accessories are sold separately, including YETI Ice Blocks.

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