Looft Air Lighter
Looft Air Lighters

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Looft Air Lighter

£ 40

Looft Air Lighters

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Light your EGG in a minute or less with the all-electric Looft Air Lighter, the fastest ignition tool we’ve ever seen. The lighter uses a flow of super-heated air to ignite the coals – all you need to do is plug it in, point the end into your charcoal pile, press a button and let the hot air do its work. Despite the fierce heat generated, the lighter’s aluminium heat shield means it cools down quickly. The result is a clean, safe lighting experience, with no hazardous chemicals, no toxic residues and no refills required. There are three models available, offering different heat levels.

Max Temperatures
Looft Air Lighter: 650°C
Looft Air Lighter 1: 700°C
Looft Air Lighter 2: 760°C

The Loof Air Lighter 2 also comes with an auto-ignition button that makes lighting the coals even less demanding.

Code: AC6457


With its user-friendly design, all you need to do is point and press the button to get a roaring fire in no time.


Ignite charcoal, briquettes or wood in seconds so you can save valuable time and enjoy grilling.


Avoid the mess of hazardous lighter fluid. Our Air Lighters ignites fires without residue, ensuring a clean and safe experience.


The Looft Air Lighter is electric and will require a power supply for use. The cord for the Looft Air Lighter is 140cm. The cord for the Looft Air Lighter 1 and Looft Air Lighter 2 is 3m long.

Store your Looft Air Lighter in a dry, cool place, out of the reach of children. You can also purchase as part of a bundle.

The Looft Air Lighter comes with a limited 2 year warranty to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase will be required should you need to submit a claim.

No, the Looft Air Lighter does not require refilling. It operates on electricity, ensuring convenience and reliability.

No, Looft Air Lighter generates superheated air, not an open flame, offering a safe and efficient way to light your Big Green Egg.

Looft Air Lighter can ignite a fire in about 60 seconds, providing a quick and convenient start for your Big Green Egg.

Simply aim your Looft Air Lighter at the charcoal, press the button and watch it ignite your fire. When the sparks or a glow appear, pull the Looft Air Lighter a few inches away from the charcoal; this will allow the heat to spread. Do not keep the unit too close to the charcoal as it may cause this to melt. Warranty does not cover issues such as melting the front of the Looftlighter. Keep it aimed towards the same spot for around 60 seconds. Do you not leave the Looft Air Lighter unattended.