Low & Slow Pork Shoulder

Low & Slow

A range of accessories designed to help you produce and serve meltingly tender meat

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For MM, L, XL

    Low on prep space? At Christmas, convenience is king. These disposable drip pans are deep and robust for perfect roasting minus the headache of cleaning up.

    Disposable Drip Pans


    £ 9

    For MM, MM, M, L, XL

    ConvEGGtor (Large)
    Roasted chicken on the MiniMax using the convEGGtor



    £ 63

    An EGG cooks for (pretty much) forever

    The EGG just keeps on cooking

    Thanks to the EGG’S ingenious ceramics, a single large bag of charcoal provides up to 80 hours of cooking time. That’s fantastic for any cook but PERFECT for Low & Slow.

    This is where the magic happens. Steak and scallops on the grill are great but Low & Slow takes barbecuing in a whole new direction. Congratulations, you just gave yourself the gift of time.