Jack and the EGG

As part of Big Green Egg’s 50th birthday celebrations, we’re sharing 50 brand-new recipes from an amazing cast of cooks. Next up is the man who, as chef director of Stein’s, is continuing to shine a light on fresh fish and shellfish in the much-loved family business established by his dad, the legendary Rick Stein.

Jack is firmly rooted in Cornwall and is a passionate advocate for the county’s sustainable, small-scale food producers, many of whom share family connections going back generations. “The local area influences my cooking, because the ingredients are so good you just keep it simple,” he says. The Big Green Egg, which he’s been cooking on for many years, brings to the fore the natural flavours of the region’s peerless seafood and the meat and vegetables produced by local farmers.


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Little and large


Jack used two different EGG models to create his recipes: the XL on the terrace of The Cornish Arms pub to make his surf and turf, and a MiniMax out on the dockside to grill seafood straight off the fishing boat. “The XL we’d use for functions, or when we’ve got bigger things to do,” says Jack, “whereas the MiniMax is portable, you can take it round to other people’s houses, but actually it’ll cook for a family of four perfectly.”

Jack Stein 50 Recipes | 50th Celebrations | Big Green Egg

EGGspand your horizons


For his surf and turf, Jack made good use of the EGGspander System, which increases the EGG’s capacity and allows for the simultaneous use of different heats, different surfaces and different cooking modes. “I think it’s really clever,” says Jack. “It’s especially clever when you’re cooking things like the steak, which takes 20 minutes, and a lobster that takes 5 minutes, and you can get it all to come to the plate at the same time.”

Jack Stein 50 Recipes | 50th Celebrations | Big Green Egg


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The perfect charcoal pairing

Our Oak & Hickory charcoal is ideal for infusing Jack’s shellfish and meat with a subtle smoky flavour.

Made from 100% hardwood | Fuel | Big Green Egg

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About Jack Stein

Jack grew up in his father’s kitchens, working as a porter and a waiter before heading off to university. The allure of the pass soon drew him back to the family businesses, where he learnt his craft as a chef before honing his skills in restaurants across the world. He is now chef director of the Stein restaurant group, working closely with his parents and siblings.

Jack Stein 50 Recipes | 50th Celebrations | Big Green Egg


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