Foldable stand
Foldable Stand for MiniMax

£ 150

Foldable stand

£ 150

Foldable Stand for MiniMax

This stand brings your MiniMax up to our preferred cooking height. Perfect for positioning at the head of the table.

Code: ACMM210

60cm Ground Clearance

Now your smaller cooks can be done at the same height as your Large and XL EGG. Raises the MiniMax past table height for interactive, communal cooks. Hosting just got easier.

Beautiful, Functional Design

With a minimalist steel construction, the Foldable Stand for MiniMax elevates your EGG's looks as well as its height.

Solid As A Rock

Our tried and tested load-bearing design means that despite the added height, your MiniMax will feel as sturdy as ever.

  • MiniMax Big Green Egg Foldable Stand
  • MiniMax Big Green Egg Foldable Stand folding
  • MiniMax Big Green Egg in a Foldable Stand

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