Express Oak & Hickory Lumpwood Charcoal
Express Charcoal Kit

£ 54

Express Oak & Hickory Lumpwood Charcoal

£ 54

Express Charcoal Kit

17 reviews

A charcoal kit to provide you with a double serving of our famous Oak & Hickory 100% Natural Lumpwood charcoal, or mixed Oak & Hickory with either Canadian Maple or Eucalyptus lumpwood. Definitely one of our favourites products, due to its amazing flavour, efficiency and cooking duration. Includes a free pack of our Premium Natural Firestarters.

Each Oak & Hickory and Canadian Maple Lumpwood charcoal comes in an 8kg bag, the Eucalyptus comes in a 7.93kg bag.

Delivery Note: Our Express Charcoal Kit will be delivered in 1-2 working days. Express delivery not available in conjunction with any other products.

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All of our lumpwood charcoal lights quickly, burns hotter than normal briquettes and produces less ash — for an easy, flavourful cook minus the clean-up.


Unlike some charcoal, ours is totally free from toxins, accelerants and harmful chemicals. We don't want that stuff tainting our food!


Our premium charcoal is produced from top-quality cuts of hardwood chosen for great performance and incomparable flavour. All our wood comes from plantations we trust.

17 reviews

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Fill your Firebox to about 5cm below the top of the Fire Ring. When you’ve finished cooking, the leftover charcoal can be re-used. When you come to cook again, simply rake through the old coals with an Ash Tool, top up as required and light as usual.

Our lumpwood charcoal is made from pure, sustainably sourced hardwood, with no nasty chemical accelerants. This means it lights quickly and burns cleanly – good for cooking and good for your health. It is also remarkably economical, with the coals often reusable across multiple cooks. And charcoal isn’t just a fuel, it’s an ingredient in its own right. Each of our three different options lends its own unique flavour profile to your food.

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If you decide not to use Big Green Egg charcoal, ensure that you always use natural lumpwood charcoal. Briquettes (or anything containing chemicals) will not only taint your food, but the ceramics too and can void your warranty.

(All that said, our charcoal is really very good. People love it. We think it's one of the (many) secrets to why the EGG makes food taste so good.)

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