Simply slot it into your Big Green Egg to transform your barbecue into a convection oven]

Adding your ConvEGGtor

Once your EGG has heated up, add your ConvEGGtor by placing it onto the Fire Ring. Legs up or legs down, depending on what the recipe requires. You may notice a drop in temperature, but that's just because the ConvEGGtor is cold. The temperature will come back up again.

Control & versatility

With the ConvEGGtor you have the accuracy of a kitchen oven — whether you are cooking a brisket at 110˚C or a pizza at 300˚C — but with added versatility and views of the garden. Once you've mastered temperature control on the EGG, you may find that your indoor oven starts gathering dust.

A cooking surface

You can cook directly on your ceramic ConvEGGtor. Just remember that it gets super hot. We recommend that for breads, pizzas and pastries you add a Baking Stone, to stop the bottoms from burning.

Moving the ConvEGGtor

ConvEGGtors can be a little fiddly to get in and out, especially when they are hot. The Large and XL ConvEGGtors are also quite heavy, so it's worth investing in a ConvEGGtor basket, which makes lifting them in and out of your EGG much simpler. Our heat-resistant EGGmitts will also come in handy!

ConvEGGtor Basket

Cleaning your ConvEGGtor

Cooking debris is inevitable with the ConvEGGtor. It won't affect your food at all but if you do want to clean it up a bit, get your EGG nice and hot and give the ConvEGGtor a scrub with one of our Dual-Brush Scrubbers. Never wash with soapy water.

Dirty convEGGtor is easy to clean


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