rEGGulator Cap (S & MM)

£ 47


The rEGGulator works in sync with your Draft Door to ensure you've got the perfect airflow. If you need a new one or want to replace a Dual-Function Metal Top, get it here.

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Why upgrade to the rEGGulator?

This is essentially the new and improved Dual-Function Metal Top, and what an upgrade it's turned out to be. The rEGGulator is non-slip, so you no longer have to worry about the lid sliding open when you open your EGG. It's also Water Resistant, so you'll no longer need the Rain Cap AND it comes with a silicone grip for adjustment even while the EGG's hot.

The rEGGulator makes managing your airflow and tempertuare even easier


Maintaining the Big Green Egg's temperature is easy. Simply close the rEGGulator Cap and the bottom vent slightly to reduce the temperature, or open them slightly to increase the temperature. Make sure you make only very small adjustments, as even a few millimetres can make a big difference to your temp. You'll get used to how it works in no time.

Often, the biggest cause of a Big Green Egg not heating up properly is that there's a blockage somewhere in the firebowl. Rake through your coals with an ash tool, and you should fix this problem in no time. It's also worth consulting our beginner's lighting guide to ensure you're starting your Big Green Egg correctly. Lastly, make sure you're cooking with the lid down; the EGG's ceramics play a huge part in its heat retention. If you're looking, you're not cooking!

Officially, a Big Green Egg can reach temperatures of over 300˚C — perfect for cooking pizzas and naan breads. What's just as amazing is how low a Big Green Egg can go. A Big Green Egg smouldering away at a gentle 60˚C is a fantastic environment for smoking salmon or bacon!