This is how to clean your Stainless Steel Grid. Simply get your grid nice and hot, and scrub off any debris with this highly effective Stainless Steel Scrubber.

£ 17

Stainless Steel Mesh Brush Scrubber

This may not be a glamorous product, but as far as cleaning goes, it's probably our favourite. The mesh is just so effective at removing caked-on grease, it ALMOST makes the tidying up process enjoyable.

Code: AC6430

The EGG pretty much cleans itself. But, if turning up the temperature doesn't burn off all your food fragments, the next step is just as easy.

For a deep clean, all you need to do is get your grid nice and hot, and then scrub off any caked on debris with your Brush Scrubber. Don't worry: the long handle will keep you safe from the heat.

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