Big Green Egg Cooking Kit

£ 143

Cooking Kit

This Cooking Kit contains the bare essentials that you need to run a tight BBQ ship. From surface management, to temperature probing, to general flippage, these are the tools that are easy to take for granted, but you can't do without.


Handle surfaces, no sweat

With our Stainless Steel Grill Gripper and our famous EGG Mitt Glove, you'll be able to move hot grids, pans and surfaces without breaking a sweat.

Don't measure time, measure temp

Every cook is different, so a flat cooking time can often bring you unpredictable results. Get it right every time with our Quick Read Pocket Thermometer. It'll never let you down.

A complete BBQ toolbelt

This custom-designed set offers BBQ enthusiasts the equipment they need to handle every cook. Extra long stainless steel handles keep heat safely at a distance. The contoured design provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Quick read thermometer

In the box

  • Stainless Steel Grid Lifter
  • Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set
  • Quick Read Pocket Thermometer
  • Heat Resistant EGGmitt BBQ Glove

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