Where's the Bus?

You can't miss us in our Big Green Bus - and you won't want to either! Come aboard and see our EGGS in action - there are four of them burning away to their hearts content on the top deck! We will keep you posted about where the Bus will be - keep an eye on the JOIN US section on this website.


This gorgeous green machine started life as a regular double decker bus a few years ago but has been totally retro-fitted to the highest standard to showcase our EGGS on our journey around the country. Whether in a city or town or in the rural wilds - we are coming to see you!


The bus is the perfect way to show you how easy and simple it is to cook in the EGG - we travel with a chef who demonstrates the amazing versatility of this ceramic outdoor oven and we have no doubt you will be blown away by the results.

You will want to try it for yourself.


Once inside the bus you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Come and have a chat and a drink and see first hand how easy and simple it is to use the EGG. Or just sit back, listen to some music and take in the mood.

close to a garden as possible

The EGGs are nestled in slab topped oak work surfaces, there is a smart awning overhead to protect us from that blazing British sunshine (or rain - but let's think positively!) and synthetic grass underfoot - it's as close to a garden as possible but with an ever changing aerial view of our surroundings.

singing from the rooftops

Our message is clear - we are singing from the rooftops (or the top deck) about how we Redefine the British Barbecue. No more charred sausages, burnt steaks or undercooked chicken. Come and see what can be achieved on the EGG and then sample delicious and tender food. We guarantee you won't have eaten anything like this on your old metal grill.

EGGS in action

Outside on the top deck we have four EGGS in action - one extra large, one large and two medium - so you can see and get a feel for which size EGG might suit you

(we also stock small and mini EGGS too don't forget!)

come and join the Big Green Bus EGG-sperience!

The Big Green bus will be touring all over Britain this year - check out our Bus Calendar to find out where we'll be.

Why not come and join us and enjoy the Big Green Bus EGG-sperience! We'd love to see you.