Stephanie Moon on The Great British Menu

Anyone who saw The Great British Menu last night would have seen chef Stephanie Moon taking on newcomers Colin McGurran and Charlie Larkin -  "I need a good score to get back in the race!"  Last night the three chefs from the North East had to impress the judge Nigel Howarth, a previous winner.  Stephanie is a big fan of the Big Green Egg and was cooking her dish of rose veal in a Small Egg last night - she smoked the veal for twenty minutes using cherry wood chips, having rubbed the meat in a combination of fresh hissop and lemon thyme.  This was then served with oxtail, leak and potato cakes with baby carrots as a garnish.

Nigel Howarth exlaimed "The veal is perfectly cooked - perfectly smoked...".  High praise indeed - and many well known chefs are extolling the virtues of smoking food in the Big Green Egg - maintaining that 'Smoking is the new Pepper'.  Stephanie added a quirky touch to the presentation of the veal - she had her local blacksmith create a special 'Team GB' branding iron that she heated up and then branded the meat with before she cooked it!

Radio Times: 'Whatever the outcome, there aren't enough female chefs on TV and it's great to see Stephanie Moon return to The Great British Menu'

If you would like to try smoking in your Big Green Egg - check out the Recipes & Tips section on this page and also have a look at how to smoke duck breasts in our instructional recipe video on this website.

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